What people say



Sean S, Boston, MA

I find retreats with Julie to be nourishing on so many levels. I'm embarrassed to say that she actually taught me how to breath! Our practice and experience in a Hawaii this past year has given me a greater appreciation and awareness of the body. I've learned that paying close attention to the body and areas of tension can help deepen my meditation practice.

From Jan, Canmore

Julie and I have been working together for about 6 months. During that time I have been implementing gentle activation exercises to reengage my stomach stability: neural pathways, fascia, and ultimately the stomach muscles. I have also started breathing exercises.

From Anne in Canmore

I enjoyed two hours of private sessions of yoga at Julie?s home. This came after she noted at a group yoga class that I had potential for more ease in my body. Julie set up a series of exercises that I have enjoyed doing at home for about a month, and I am now noticing a significant difference. I am practising this program 2-3 times a week and now feel more range of motion and mobility in various parts of my body.

From Les in Maryland

I met Julie, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. At that time, my posture was causing my back to become very stiff and painful after standing or walking for any lengths of time. I heard from friends, whom she taught, that Julie was teaching yoga. I spoke to her about my problems. She thought that yoga could help me. I started immediately, not knowing what to expect, having no real knowledge of what yoga was about; the move version of yoga was my point of reference.