Julie at the Lake



7 Strategies for Self-Care that You Can Start Now

Do you need a little TLC? Caring for our well-being takes planning. As the saying goes, “Everyday we need self-care, but on the really busy days, we need self-care even more”. These 7-strategies will help you implement regular self-care, so you can live life more fully, with more ease, kindness and vitality.

Let Reiki rock your world; let love flow through your hands.

As soon as I realized Reiki as love flowing through my hands, it rocked my world. I use this relaxing healing energy to help others and for my own self-care. This week's podcast is a sharing from my heart on the who, what, when, where and why of Reiki. Listeners also enjoy access to a free downloadable beginner's guide for sensing energy.

Pigeon Pose: Love it or Leave it?

Tight hips? Even if you’ve never heard of "pigeon posture”, this recording is for you. You will learn to safely explore and develop mobility in your hips.

Access Julie's Free Download "Improve Hip Function: Pigeon Posture Alternative and Modification" at https://www.bodymindease.com/improve-hip-function-pigeon-posture-alternative-and-modification-free-download