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The Wildfire WIthin

As I write these words from Canmore, Alberta, wildfires burn out-of-control in the neighbouring province. British Columbia had declared a state of emergency, with 600 wildfires and more than 10,000 people who are ready to leave their homes at a moment’s notice. The smoke is visible by the DSCOVR satellite, about 1 million miles away.

My Life is My Message

"My Life is My Message.” Mahatma Ghandi's words live on near the United Nations in Geneva.

Exiting the International Red Cross Museum in Geneva, the lump in my throat has softened, the near-tears in my eyes have dried but my heart still seems to take up a vast space in my body.

I went to the museum with my 21-year old daughter, Lauren, and my partner, Mitch, expecting a pleasant tribute to the Red Cross and a little history that might liken to reading a novel about Florence Nightingale as the founder of nursing. Oh, little do I know.

Don't do this at home

Don't Do This at Home!Please don't do this at home!

The photo here is from a wildly popular wellness centre with a strong web presence and great content.  However, this photo of downward dog is an exception and 'got my goat,' so to speak.  To me it underscores the importance of trusting our inner teacher and not just trying to recreate what we are told or shown to be the thing to do.