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Julie Seibt
Julie Seibt

Julie Seibt works with movement, stillness and breath to help her clients discover a refreshing sense of ease.

Ease of body emerges from reduced pain, improved stability, flexibility, mobility and strength. Ease of mind arises as we learn to respond with clarity to thoughts and emotions, rather than react habitually to our conditioned mind. Explore this mind-body ease with gentle coaching from Julie.  In the arena of your breath, you will learn to listen inwardly for guidance from your body, on and off the yoga mat. Your personal spiritual beliefs are welcome.

Julie's  credentials include IAYT certified Yoga Therapist, Anahata Yoga Teacher Certification (Anne Douglas, 2006), IRI Certified iRest Teacher® (www.irest.us), Certified Yoga Therapist (2013, Functional Synergy), Certified Restorative Yoga teacher (Andrea Peloso)  and teacher's training in Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers.  She studies mindfulness under Steven Smith and Michele McDonald, teaching movement classes to support a meditation practice at their Vipassana Retreats in Thailand and Hawaii since 2010. As an Asian Bio-Energetic Therapist, Master Reiki Teacher, and Thai Massage Therapist, Julie brings a holistic, compassionate and mindful approach to well being.

Julie’s passion is to inspire others to listen to their inner wisdom as they journey down the path to optimal wellness in each stage of life.


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